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Android Vs iOS: How Android is more user Friendly?

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Every time there’s a conversation revolving around mobile devices or technology, it boils down to why android or iOS is best than the opposite. A bit of history is required to understand why and how Android and iOS have come to be recognized as OS pioneers.

Android’s History:

Android is a mobile operating system founded by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Initially, Android was developed and used as an operating system for digital cameras. Later on, when the founding team understood that the market potential of digital cameras is limited, they upgraded the android version and made it into a rival for the then-existing mobile OS like Symbian and Windows mobile, and later it was acquired by Google in 2005.

IOS History:

Apple launched iOS in 2007 when the primary iPhone was launched. Today, it’s the OS that powers almost all Apple devices including iPad and Apple Watches.

The truth is, both the mobile operating systems are fair at what they do that is performance wise both are good also it makes lives easy for mobile users with their own ecosystem of utilities, apps, and services. So, it is unfair to say that one mobile OS is better unconditionally and that is not perfect.

Number of Users

Android has a larger number base and users than iOS for obvious reasons and mainly it is so user-friendly. Android devices are more cost-friendly compared to Apple iPhones or iPads which cost a fortune to buy. Even the older iPhone version will make your pocket empty whereas the new version of Android phones can be bought at half price or even less.

Also, Android being an open-source mobile OS makes it possible for a good pool of original equipment manufacturers to supply android devices at scale. Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Vivo, Sony are some of the dominant Android device markers.

Also, ever since Google bought Android in 2005, it’s been offering its suite of apps including Gmail, Docs, sheets, maps, Drive, Play Music, Play Books, Play Games among several other apps freed from cost. Of course, there’s a ceiling limit on Drive storage. However, for budget-conscious users, Android is certainly a far better choice compared to Apple where storage has got to be bought for. Android has acquired the majority of market shares while iOS has limited market share and the remaining mobile operating systems have very less market share.

Even though the number of users is more for android, there is a high boon in increasing the iOS users, so the apps should be compatible with android and iOS. There is a quite well need for both android and iOS developers to make the app more successful and reach many people.

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