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Importance of social media in digital marketing

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The power of social media is beyond imagination. It not only opens the door for socializing but also holds the key to greater business growth. Definitely, brands can generate sales through social media. But, they can utilize it to enhance their customer experience as well. It helps them to connect and retain their customers in the most engaging way. Communicating your business through social media channels has its own benefits:

Increased brand awareness and traffic

American software company Social Sprout’s report shows that 70% of marketers use social media for brand awareness. This is mainly due to the quick nature of the platforms. With engaging content and attention-grabbing visuals, businesses can easily get their brands noticed through social media. This results in a smooth shift from brand awareness to brand engagement. People will start following your brand in a consistent manner which will lead to greater sales.
Social media channels also encourage inbound traffic. It acts as a major marketing channel thus reaching a broad customer base. For instance, if your company blog is shared on your Facebook and Instagram profiles, it drives more traffic to your website. Further, you are able to build your brand by collecting and working on feedback from customers. This will make the customers feel that they are valued.

Social media advertising

There is no better way to increase your brand awareness than advertising through social media. It is a cheap yet effective way to maximize your reach. Platforms like Facebook have features like ad recall lift optimization that delivers your ad to people who are most likely to remember them in the future.

Increased conversion rates

Social media has the power to not only increase leads. It takes the next level by converting them into sales. Through attractive landing pages, videos, and user-generated content, brands can strengthen people’s trust. This will make them move ahead with their purchase decision.
Running a business without a strong digital presence is dangerous in this digital era. Nearly 50% of the world’s populations are social media users. Hence developing a social media marketing strategy is more needed than ever.
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