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Is Custom Software a Good Idea for Small Businesses?

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As a small business owner, you need your company to run like a well-oiled machine. One of the best ways to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible is to implement custom software.

But what about the cost?

Although you may feel a little bit daunted by the time or expense of getting custom software made for your business this is one investment that will really pay off.

Many off-the-shelf programs can bog systems down with unneeded options, or are unable to address specific concerns for your business.

Creating custom software is the best way to get exactly what your business needs without any excess.

Custom Software Provides Unique Solutions

As a small business owner you may have come across this problem before: using ready-made software forces you to change some of your processes to adapt to the software instead of allowing the software to adjust to your business’ needs. That’s where custom applications come in. Custom-made software is specially developed to accommodate what your business needs, no more and no less.

Investing in customised software built with all the necessary functions your business requires will not only simplify your entire business process, but it will save you time and effort, netting you an excellent ROI.

Reduce Software Interface Problems

Have you ever had issues trying to train employees to use complicated off-the-shelf software? Investing in custom business applications that are developed in accordance with your specific needs will help you reduce the amount of frustration and complications that arise when trying to use ready-made software. Since custom software is developed with all the features that fit your business perfectly, it‘s often much easier to use and requires a lot less training to learn the interface.

Get a Leg Up on Your Competition

Even small businesses need to regularly find ways to improve efficiency and lower operational costs to achieve business goals and gain an extra edge over competitors. Custom software can do just that by allowing your employees to save more time instead of doing things manually. For example, valuable information can be found instantly, or sales and marketing data reports can be generated within minutes. By saving time, your employees will be free to work on other higher-priority tasks. Custom software can help simplify your business model and increase productivity.

Improve Security for Your Business

Did you know that the majority of hacks performed on businesses are due to hackers exploiting software vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf software? Yikes! Fortunately, custom software will ensure that your business’ data and processes stay private.

Many businesses use ready-made software, but custom software is used only for your business, offering enhanced security. What’s more, other companies outside of your business are unable to gain any insight into your business’ operations from the inside. So long as software is built with known secure components, you’re at less risk.

Moreover, hackers are not as attracted to custom software because they will need to put in a lot more effort to breach a system built only for your business.

Get a Better Return on Investment

Many people believe that custom software is much more expensive than ready-made software, but that’s not always the case. The costs associated with building custom software depend on your business’ needs. Plus, the long-term advantages of investing in custom-made software can far outweigh the initial expense.

In fact, one of the most significant costs associated with ready-made software is hardware. But when you opt for custom software development, the developers will tailor the system in a way that doesn’t need any major hardware to run, or is designed to run in the cloud. Ultimately, your business can save money by not having to depend on specific physical hardware providers.

Custom Software Offers Unparalleled Support

One issue with ready-made software is that whoever owns it can choose not to support or develop the product at any time, which will render the program obsolete. Problems could also arise if the company goes out of business or is taken over by someone else who might remove functionality that is key to your business’s needs.

Luckily, all these problems are solved when you opt for a custom business application since you have access to the team involved in the development of your software it’s much easier to reach out and efficiently resolve any issues.

Code First Can Help

So is custom software a good idea for small businesses? Absolutely!

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