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Mobile App Development Trends for 2021

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Mobile App Developers are constantly looking to the future, gazing into their crystal balls and determining which software trends will dominate in twelve months’ time. Mobile app development trends are always changing, but Mobile Developers can often see into the future and predict where mobile apps will go next.

Mobile App Trends for 2021

We know that mobile innovation is moving at an incredible rate. Mobile phones are becoming more like computers with each passing year, while Mobile Apps become better looking, faster and more powerful. Mobile phones are all becoming powerful enough to become Mobile Personal Computers. With Mobile Developers working hard on Mobile Software, Mobile Apps are only going to get better in 2021.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps 

One of the most exciting things about Smartphones is that they have cameras built into them, allowing users to take photos and videos of any location at any time. Mobile Developers have been working hard on Augmented Reality Mobile Apps to add a few twists to the traditional Mobile App experience by embedding Mobile Apps into real life.

In 2021, Mobile Smartphones will have built-in augmented reality capabilities allowing Mobile Apps to be delivered through physical objects via Augmented Reality Headsets. AR Mobile Apps will change Mobile App Development forever because Mobile Developers can design Mobile Apps that are only accessible through Augmented Reality, adding another dimension to Mobile Apps. Mobile Developers should build their AR Mobile Apps now to take advantage of this exciting new Mobile App Technology in 2021.

Progressive Web Applications 

Since the turn of the millennium, Mobile Operating Systems have been split into two distinct camps: Mobile Operating Systems that run Mobile Apps and Mobile Operating Systems that run Mobile Web Browsers. In 2021, Mobile Developers predict The Mobile Operating Systems will merge to combine the best of both worlds.

Mobile Smartphones running Mobile Web Browsers will become more powerful and add Mobile App Capabilities to create Mobile Progressive Web Mobile Apps. Mobile Progressive Web Mobile Apps will be a Mobile App Technology that Mobile Developers must master in 2021 to keep up with the Innovation of Mobile Operating Systems.

Block chain Mobile Apps 

While Augmented Reality Mobile Apps allow users to share their experiences virtually with each other, Block chain Mobile Apps encourage users to build connections in real life. Mobile Block chain Mobile Apps will allow people to share Mobile Code with each other, leading to Mobile Software becoming Decentralized in 2021.

Mobile Developers will have to take the lead in Mobile App Innovation in 2021 by building Mobile Blockchain Mobile Apps that allow their users to build decentralized networks for collaboration around Mobile Apps.

Machine Learning Mobile Apps Mobile Developers are always looking out for Mobile App Trends to take advantage of. Mobile Machine Learning Mobile Apps will be the Mobile App Trend to take advantage of in 2021 by allowing users to train Mobile Apps using Artificial Intelligence to make them smarter at providing services to end-users.

Virtual Mobile Assistants Mobile Developers can already build Mobile Virtual Assistants that allow users to ask questions and receive answers. Mobile AI Mobile Assistants will become more intelligent in 2021, continuing the trend towards Artificial Intelligence becoming commonplace in Mobile Operating Systems.

Mobile Assistants are becoming smarter every year and Mobile Developers will have to build Mobile Assistants in 2021 that are intelligent enough to understand commands made using Mobile Bots.

Mobile Bots are software applications that can autonomously perform tasks. Mobile Bots provide users with the option of delegating simple, repetitive tasks Mobile Developers are already building Mobile Apps with bots built-in to allow users to ask Mobile Bots to complete tasks using Mobile Assistants, Mobile Chatbots and Mobile Virtual Mobile Assistants.

Mobile Developers should ensure their Mobile Apps are built with Mobile Bots in 2021 because Mobile Bots will be the dominant Mobile App Technology by this time next year.

Conversational Commerce 

While there is currently a trend towards chatbots replacing Mobile Virtual Mobile Assistants, Mobile Developers predict this Mobile App Trend will have ended by 2021.

Mobile Assistants are already being designed to work within Mobile Chat Apps and Mobile Developers predict that trend to grow substantially in 2021.Mobile Assistants will become Mobile Chatbots that Mobile Developers can build into Mobile Apps to allow users to perform transactions within Mobile Chat.

Enterprise Mobile Apps 

While the majority of Mobile Computing Devices are owned by individuals, there is a significant market for companies who own and use Mobile Devices as part of their Mobile Business Processes. As Mobile Mobile Computing continues to grow, Mobile Developers predict Mobile Enterprise Apps will stay in trend until 2021. Mobile Business Mobile Apps can be built with Mobile Block chain. Mobile App Developers should ensure their Mobile Apps are accessible by Enterprise Users on any device they might use in 2021.