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Mobile Site Experience Matters: What You Need To Know

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Mobile site experience is not a new concept. For years mobile has been growing in popularity and mobile users have become accustomed to the mobile experience. But why exactly does it matter? The truth is that mobile has only continued to grow until this point and there is no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to published data by Google, there are about 1 billion mobile searches conducted every single day on average. That’s right – you read it correctly! Every single day billions of people around the world go online using their smartphones or other mobile devices. Don’t be left behind – mobile matters!

How do mobile users search? A study by Google found that mobile searchers are particularly interested in “transactional” or “micro-moments,” which means they want to take action immediately. They don’t want to wait for the next page of results; they want answers quickly and then they move on. That is why mobile SEO has become so important – it is essential to make sure your site can answer mobile queries instantly, without forcing mobile users to wait for a long time before getting what they need.

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What Is Mobile Site Experience?

Your mobile site needs to be:

1) Functional

2) Fast

3) Up-to-date

4) optimized for mobile use (such as with links that are finger friendly.)

These qualities will ensure you offer a better mobile user experience – which will ultimately result in more mobile conversions.

Go mobile with a mobile site or app to make the most of your mobile marketing activities. With us, mobile website experience doesn’t just have to be functional – it has to look and feel good in addition to being functional…because mobile users get easily distracted and annoyed by bad mobile experiences that are hard to use.

A mobile user expects a mobile site experience to load instantly or at the very least within a few moments. Mobile users won’t stick around if your mobile site takes longer than five seconds (yes, really) and will probably abandon your mobile page all together to look for an alternative. A mobile website experience that loads instantly gives a feeling of fluidity and responsiveness that most mobile users have come to expect from their mobile sites – so keep this in mind when you’re busy trying to make sure your content looks good on mobile devices!

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