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What to Do When Launching a Website

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To perform well online, a website needs more than pretty pictures and a beautiful layout (though, of course, those help). This guide should help you ensure you make the right decisions and avoid some of the usual problems so you can have the best website launch campaign possible.

Create Quality Content

Before you launch, ensure you have a few pieces of quality content ready to go so your clients see excellent pieces that are valuable to your niche.

From How-to guides to FAQs or even a glossary of industry terminology, make sure the content you’re showcasing is great.

Utilise SEO Expertise

Use your keywords in strategic areas of your page. Consistently add fresh, unique new content that also utilises keywords that are right for your business and sector. Also, it is vital that your site is mobile and tablet compatible. You don’t want to shut out a huge section of potential clients and customers who don’t initially visit your site through a computer.

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free tools that can help you discern which of your strategies are working and, more importantly, which aren’t. By installing the program, you can see how many visits your site is getting and where the traffic is coming from.

Utilise Google Search Console

If you add your site, you’ll be able to use a variety of tools that are designed to manage the health of your site in terms of search engine optimisation. If there are any issues with your site, you’ll be notified so you can make sure your site is reaching its potential.

Set up a Pre-Launch Page

If your site isn’t ready to go live just yet, that doesn’t mean your website should just sit empty. Promote the launch with a countdown page and build anticipation and excitement for your new venture.

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