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Why should you think about your Website?

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In recent times, websites as a platform have undergone massive transformation, both in terms of its utility as well as its composition. It has now assumed strategic importance, and why not! After all, it is one platform that contributes in multiple ways like information dispersal, promotion and brand building.

A Website is practically a virtual office for the business. A good Website with the right content and design establishes credit and builds trust. Especially with the reach of smart phones powered with Internet, websites have become the first avenue for visitors to check out the company.

The Website Dynamics

So much has changed over this period. From what platform to build the website on to having the best mobile friendly site, the considerations and requirements are constantly undergoing change. Search Engine Giant, Google also has a massive role to play in the way the Website dynamics are evolving.

Like for instance, Google’s Mobile-First indexing is a game changer in itself. The move is a validation of the role of mobile phones in consumer’s information search, purchase and post-purchase behaviour. It definitely doesn’t mean that Google is moving towards “strictly mobile indexing,” it is just that it is “mobile-first”. Desktop version shall continue to be important, but mobiles may soon become a priority. And rightly so given the fact that majority of your Visitors are surfing your Website in their mobile phones.

Listening from the horse’s mouth, Google’s announcements indicate that the algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand information and data, and to show snippets from those pages in the results. However, this is a perspective of the time to come. This process is still under testing phase. But no harm in gearing up.

Mobiles bring in around 80% of the website traffic. In India, mobiles have been bringing more traffic than desktop since 2015. It is indeed safe to say that India has crossed the desktop generation long back. Still, it is too soon to write off the desktop since it is still important for daytime-at-work-audiences.

Strategy is the backbone

Websites have to be in conjunction with the marketing strategy. Rather than taking it as a platform to disperse information, it has to be perceived to be playing a role in Brand building. It is only then that the Website will bear results.

Simple stuffing of content & images shall not serve the purpose. There has to be a precise articulation incorporating industry keywords and authentic images that leads to clear communications. This is where; the point of technological partner is repeated. Right collaboration for right results.

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