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Why website design is important? – Web development Norwich

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QUIITS web development Norwich will tell you about the need for a good web design for your business in this blog.

Websites are indeed the face of companies. It gives an overall idea about what your company is, its goals, and its target group. Moreover, 94% of your company’s first impression is linked to your website’s design. There is thus a greater need to develop and design quality websites. This in turn increases the chances of customer gain and retention.

Now let us look into the key merits of website development and design.

Enhanced credibility

Of course, one of the major intents of your business website is to increase the number of loyal customers. But what if a first-time visitor finds only outdated information in a poorly designed website? It will leave nothing but a bad impression in the customer’s mind. In addition, three-fourth of the website credibility comes from its design. Thus, both development and design must go hand-in-hand.

Aids in SEO

Not only does content but a good web design also aids in search engine optimization (SEO). Now you may be thinking as to how this is possible. Well, one needs to work on a number of factors for this. Firstly, websites should be designed as mobile-friendly. This increases search engine rankings. Secondly, website loading should be fast enough. This makes sure that no customer leaves your site. In other words, a simple web design is best.

Positive user engagement

Website is certainly one of the best digital tools to maintain a positive user relationship. One can include features like click-to-call, forms, and even instant chats in websites. This helps to provide instant responses to customer queries. Moreover, a website keeps the customers updated about the latest news regarding your business.

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