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Reach More Customers with SEO Outreaching

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Why SEO Outreaching?

While there are numerous ways of acquiring links and stimulating organic search traffic, developing a comprehensive outreach strategy is vital for your business’ growth. Search engine optimization (SEO) outreaching is the prime method for getting new backlinks that improve your website ranking in searches and drive valuable leads to your company’s website.

There is a misconception that if your company has been performing SEO for years, then you don’t need to look into outreach work. But it is vital if you want to get new backlinks that improve your website ranking and drive more traffic from organic searches. After all, the primary aim of any SEO campaign is higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) and organic traffic.

You need to focus on accumulating backlinks from authoritative websites – including high-authoritative or niche sites that are relevant to your industry, location, product or service to help you get better rankings for the targeted keywords in SERPs. An effective outreaching strategy will enable your business to dig deeper into the pockets of your target audience.

When you’re looking to acquire new backlinks, a lot of emphasis is put on link building, and rightly so. However, it is equally important that you work towards acquiring more traffic from these links by adding informative content or improving existing pages to make them more relevant to the readers and search engines.

In 2018, Google will use semantic search and Artificial Intelligence to enrich the understanding of natural language queries. This will help it make more sense of content on your website, and in turn this will drive your ranking higher up the SERPs based on better user experience. Even if you’re already at the top of SERPs for a particular keyword, the right content can help you improve your position further.

So how do you acquire links and build an enhanced website experience that will effectively bring in more traffic from search engines? Here are some of the essential steps to be taken into consideration while planning out an outreach campaign:

#1 Follow up on every link request you get You may think that getting linked to by another website or blog would be the best part of outreach, but it is only the beginning. A successful SEO outreaching campaign should involve following up on every link you request. There are some great services in the market for doing this automatically .

#2 Don’t acquire a link without letting them know why they should link to you The principle behind inbound marketing is based on the idea that users will come to your website naturally and search engines will rank it based on its value. For this purpose, you need to earn links from other websites by providing them relevant information that they can use for their readers. When planning out an outreach campaign, make sure that every link request is followed up with an informative and valuable resource.

#3 Make sure your value proposition is clear The concept of content marketing revolves around creating engaging, relevant, and useful information. For a link to be fully effective in getting your website ranked higher on SERPs, it needs to be very engaging and readable by the target audience. So make sure your content and outreach material is such that it would be of substantial value to the other party.

#4 Create backlinks from different sources You should not depend on just one type of outreaching technique for building new links to your website. For example, you want to get links from high-authoritative blogs in your industry. But you should also be looking to get backlinks from guest posting, forum posts, press releases and social media.

#5 Use your influencer’s influence A lot of companies still don’t know the value of influencers in their marketing campaign for reaching out to a huge audience – especially when it comes to digital marketing. Influencers have a great influence over what people think and feel. They are also very influential when it comes to purchasing decisions. So, after you’ve created a lot of value for an influencer with your consistent content marketing outreach efforts, they will naturally link back to you.

#6 Gather feedback from website owners using inbound marketing tools Once you send out a link request, you should be ready to receive feedback from the website owners. To do this effectively , try using an inbound marketing tool like Hubspot or Get response. These tools not only help you follow up on every link request but also collect important data that can be used for future outreach activities.