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The Why and How of Email Marketing and Digital Marketing Company Norwich

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In this digital world, one may think that emails have gone down in use. But, hey, it is still relevant and will be in the coming years. Research points that by the year 2023, the global email users will be almost 4.3 billion. This figure points to a wide market for businesses and marketers. Yes, emails still hold the power to transform your business. This is where QUIITS, the best digital marketing company Norwich, comes into play.

Keep customers informed

When a customer signs up to your email list, you have the opportunity to keep them updated about the company offers. Be it a new product launch, a service upgrade or promotional offers, emails are the best way to keep the customers posted. Moreover, it stands apart from advertising channels by being more personal. Since it reaches the customer’s inbox, the chances of visibility are high. There is a 50% higher open rates for emails with personalized subject lines. Also, you can send tailored messages to audiences based on factors like location or needs. As a result, it strengthens the customer experience.


For those wanting to get their marketing done within a set budget, emails are the best tools. Besides, almost 81% of small businesses use email for customer retention. A well-planned email strategy also gives a high return on investment (ROI). For every $1 spent, there is a return of $42 for this marketing.

Capture mobile audience

It is no doubt that a major fraction of the world has become mobile users. Most importantly, 70% of people use mobile to check their mails. This figure will only increase in the future. There is thus a greater scope for a large number of customers who can be reached via emails.

The top digital marketing company Norwich

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